Hypnosis Audios

***Due to our busy schedule and being on the road at this time, we are NOT scheduling clients until further notice.  We do have hypnosis Audios available on the Products Page.  These audios were written and recorded by Sharon Gage, CH, CI, using some of the same techniques she uses with her clients in her office.***

Fast and permanent change that makes you feel better on many levels, that’s what hypnosis does for you.  Are you ready to shift your thinking and make positive change? Do you want to feel better about you, be more motivated to achieve a goal, conquer fear, or break an unwanted habit?  Hypnosis is a safe, natural and relaxing way to motivate you achieve your goals.  Hypnosis works, and it can work for you!

  • Lose Weight                           Stop Smoking
    Manage Stress                       Speak in Public Confidently
    Relationship Issues              Bariatric Hypnosis (Virtual Lap Band Surgery)
    Past Life Regression            Letting Go
    Conquer Fear                        Stop Feeling Sad
    Feel Motivated                       Increase Confidence
    Ego Strengthening               Improve Sleep
    Enhance Athletics                End Unwanted Habits
    Golf Improvement                Motivation and Confidence Selling
    Stop Worrying                      Past Life Regression
    Ease Pain                              Let Go of Emotional Blocks
    Improve Self Esteem           Release Clutter
    Stop Procrastinating           Move Forward
    Improve Academics            Test Fears and much more…

National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Consulting Hypnotist Training        

  • Sharon Gage is a Certified Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists, a Certified Consulting Hypnotist/NJ Hypno-Counselor, and a Certified HypnoCoach.™
    She has been successfully hypnotizing people since 2003, specializing in stress release, conquering fears, eliminating unwanted habits such as smoking and over eating, and training and certifying hypnotists.   

You may wonder what is hypnosis, will it work for me and can I be hypnotized?  Are You Hypnotizable? Take the quiz.

Hypnosis is a safe, easy and natural tool to make the behavioral changes that you desire.  The process of hypnosis is simply communicating with the subconscious mind to get it into agreement with the conscious mind so that you can reach your goal. That’s it!

Most people can be hypnotized!  In fact, you actually reach this state on your own daily and naturally.  For example, you enter this state when you first wake up and just before you fall asleep.  When your mind is in this relaxed state, you are more open to and likely to accept suggestion so that beneficial changes can be made.  It is safe…natural.  You are in control at all times during hypnosis and its pleasant.

Thank you for today, it felt like a mini vacation.” -Phil, chiropractor, Philadelphia, PA

Many times the reason that we can’t release stress, fear, quit something, change something or feel better is because we have those old emotional blocks stored deep in our subconscious mind…and therefore our subconscious mind is not in agreement with our conscious mind. Using hypnosis you can neutralize the blocks and get to where you want to be.  So by changing the old subconscious programming and redirecting focus with new, positive programming you get positive results.

  • What our hypnosis clients say:

“I had major excitement last night at Curves…I got weighed and measured…(it was my time, I couldn’t get away from her) lol…But…drum roll…since the day I started my crusade for getting happy with my weight…I have released 21 pounds, 16 overall inches, and 2 percentage points off my body fat index!!! I am just one happy camper!!!  Many thanks for your help…I could not have done it without you.” -Susan F, manager, Magnolia, NJ

“I had smoked at least one pack of cigarettes a day for almost forty years.  I tried to quit by patch, gum, group hypnosis, and individual hypnosis with no success.  Each time I tried to quit I gained weight.  Until I came to Create Change Hypnosis.  Thanks to Sharon I have been smoke free for two and a half years with no weight gain.” -Lisa P, manager, Clayton, NJ

“I feel more confident and am winning.”  -Rich, professional racer, Millville, NJ

“I can finally sleep again.” -Laura, manager, Vineland, NJ

“I feel calmer, not afraid to lose control or fail.”  -Marie, housewife, Sewell, NJ


HypnoCoaching™ is a combination of Traditional Life Coaching and Hypnosis.  This approach utilizes both Coaching and Hypnosis in order to make use of both the conscious mind (thinking, analyzing, criticizing,will power), about 10% to 15%,  and the subconscious mind (stores memories, controls habits, automatic functions) about 85% to 90% of the mind to achieve your goals.  Using this approach we discover your inner potential, work with your values, set goals, assign tasks, work with balance and alignment, habits, and so much more.

      What our HypnoCoaching clients say: 

Since I started your coaching program I am no longer stuck.  I feel like I am moving forward.” – Lisa M, Sewell, NJ

“Sharon, I really enjoyed my first experience with HypnoCoaching.   I have been listening to my “sleep better” cd you gave me faithfully and it has really helped! I’m working on my tasks as well  Thanks again.”  Laura S, therapist, Vineland, NJ

We also offer Reiki for relaxation, stress release and promote well-being.

Reiki is an energy healing healing modality.  It is based on the concept that universal energy flows through every living thing. When the energy is imbalanced, disrupted, or blocked stress and illness can occur.  Reiki releases stress and promotes physical and emotional wellness. It is not massage.  During a Reiki session you are fully clothed, although you may want to remove your shoes.  It can be done hands-on or from a distance.  It is gaining popularity and even being researched and tested in many hospitals.  This can be done in person or remote.

Reiki Training- Reiki I, II, Reiki Master Practioner, and Reiki Master/Teacher

     What our Reiki clients say:

That was so relaxing.  I felt good between sessions, too.” -Victoria O, nurse, Vineland, NJ

Reiki really helps me feel better.” -Robert B, construction, Wilmington, DE

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Disclaimer:  We do not diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any medical or psychological disease, condition, or illness.  We do not prescribe medications.  Our services and products are complementary and are not a substitute for medical or psychological advise and/or care.