Essential Oils of SJ Meeting Festival

Last night I had the pleasure of being one of several speakers at the Holiday Meeting for the Essential Oils of SJ Meeting Festival in Blackwood, NJ.  The theme was Stress During the Holidays.  Sometimes, with the clients permission of course, I use aromatherapy during my hypnosis and Reiki sessions. So I spoke about hypnosis and which oils I use during my hypnosis sessions.

The room was decorated for Christmas.  There was Christmas lights and a Christmas tree.  Poinsettias and Christmas table cloths on all the vendor tables, including mine.  The room smelled  absolutely wonderful.  Christmas Spirit oil was diffused.

There were many interesting people there.  I met a woman that had heard about me from a friend of hers that had been to a Past Life Exploration session that I had conducted several months ago.  Several people were there that I had met before at other events, including a man that specializes in whole foods and juicing.  I’m now inspired to start juicing again.  Networking can be so fun.