Forgiveness is a strong powerful emotion. It is a release of negativity and fear based emotions. When I speak of forgiveness I am not only talking about forgiving someone who has done something to hurt you in some way, but also of forgiving yourself. You feel better when you can forgive.

During the holidays we are often put in a situation where we are with family members or others that we usually avoid because of past hurts. Not only is this very uncomfortable for the people involved it is also awkward for those around them. Imagine what a gift it would be to yourself and everyone around you if you would forgive the person or persons. Imagine what a heavy burden that would be lifted from your shoulders and how good you would feel. When we are angry with someone and feel those intense emotions the one we are really hurting is ourselves.

Self forgiveness is also healing. We are usually our biggest critic. We hold on to things that we have done or said in the past. We let guilt, anger, and shame fester. Let it go. When you can forgive yourself you can release these fear based emotions that may have held you back. When you feel these emotions you are often stuck. When you forgive yourself you stop holding back and are empowered to move forward. You end up with more positive outcomes. You realize that holding those emotions inside was only poisoning yourself. To release those emotions is therapeutic. Forgiveness heals.

Forgiveness is a frequent part of my hypnosis work. Often people are reluctant or unwilling to forgive, they have been holding onto such intense hurt and anger. After I have coached them about forgiveness and how not forgiving hurts them much more than the person they thought they were unable to forgive, they are more likely to forgive. They feel a release of emotions and much better.

Forgiveness is not about the person that you are forgiving, it is about you. Try to truly forgive someone and you will feel better.