Hypnosis for Stress

 Health and Wellness-Hypnosis and Reiki for Stress

   Your health and well-being is our main priority at Create Change Hypnosis.  When you come to us for either hypnosis or Reiki and regardless of whether you come to have work done on a mental, emotional or physical level we almost always work on releasing  excess stress in addition to the issue. As a result, positive outcomes are more likely.  You make the changes you desire and you feel better.

     When you want to release an unwanted habit such as smoking, over-eating, or biting your fingernails, part of the program is releasing stress, increasing self-esteem and building your confidence.  If you have fears such as height, public speaking, flying, driving or others, hypnosis can be the answer.  When you are dealing with fear, you are also dealing with stress.  So releasing the fear and the stress associated with it is beneficial to your health and well-being.  Positive results!

We’ve probably all heard of the negative impact stress can have on our health.  Stress is cumulative.  Stress can be reduced with hypnosis. When you release stress it is easier to deal with new and/or recurring stressors in a calm manner. Did you know that hypnosis can also root-out emotional issues that may lead to stress?  Did you know that stress can actually manifest itself physically and lead to physical and emotional disorders?  Emotions can lead to stress.  It’s true, you can actually be your own biggest stressor.  Emotions and stress affects our immune system.  That is why they tell cancer patients to avoid stress and reduce it if possible.  Regardless of whether stress is caused internally or externally it can have an effect on the actions we take.  It can contribute to anger, worry, unhealthy habits such as smoking, over eating and drug and alcohol abuse.  Using hypnosis we can find the cause emotionally and desensitize it, which releases the stress.  You can change how you perceive events and you can change how you react to them.  This releases the amount of stress you have.  Many of my clients come in to work on stress release without underlying emotional issues.  Positive results!

There are many things you can do to reduce stress.  Some are quick fixes like deep breathing.  Others work longer such as exercise, yoga, meditation,and many other ways.

Another way the you can feel better emotionally, mentally and physically is Reiki.  It helps to balance our energy and release stress.  It is based on the theory that we have energy centers in our body called chakras.  When these energy centers are unbalanced it can lead to illness.  Stress can contribute to imbalance.  Reiki can be given by placing the hands on or slightly above these energy centers.  It can also be sent from a distance.  Once your energy is balanced, you release excess stress and you feel a general sense of well-being.  Positive results!

At Create Change Hypnosis releasing stress is our specialty.  We use hypnosis and/or Reiki to do this.  Using hypnosis we find the internal emotional reasons that you are holding onto stress and release it.  Regardless of why a client comes to see us for hypnosis we always put suggestions in the session to release stress, unless instructed not to (this almost never happens).  Using hypnosis we also change how you perceive outside stressors so that you can change your reaction to them.   Imagine what it would be like if you could look at a situation or person that is usually aggravating and think of it/them as an interesting or an amusing challenge.  Wouldn’t you find it more rewarding?  We use Reiki to release stress, for balance, harmony and to promote wellness.  When you feel less stress, you react to and handle people and situations better.  You get results!

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