Participate in Your Progress

Hypnosis, just like Coaching is usually about progress and change.  You may have heard that change is a process.  Barring accidents or other life changing events, where something changes instantly,  most change is a process.  It may occur quickly or more gradually, but it is a process.

Coaching and Hypnosis are tools for change and change is a process.  Usually when someone sees a hypnotist or a Coach it is because they want to make changes.  I always tell my clients “Hypnosis and/or Coaching is a process and it works better for you if you participate.”  It works better if the client listens to the audio recording and if the client attends the number of sessions recommended.  It works better if the client does the agreed upon tasks between sessions.

As far as hypnosis, it does not mean that hypnosis won’t work in one session, it very well may, depending on why the client gets hypnosis, but why not increase the odds of getting the change that you desire and attend the number of sessions recommended?The hardest part of being a hypnotist is convincing the client that hypnosis is a process.  The media, Hollywood and many novelists have portrayed hypnosis as an evil tool or magic power.  They let you believe that it takes away a persons control.  Even worse they let the audience believe that it only has to happen once, like snapping fingers and everything changes. This is simply not true.

Hypnosis is a process.  It is tool for training your mind.  To get the most out of hypnosis one should participate.  For most hypnosis to work better more than one session is needed because the mind learns from repetition, it recognized habit and familiarity.  This is why a recording is often given at the end of the session for reinforcement.

Why not participate and allow hypnosis help you make changes in your life?

note** this article was adapted from “Participating in the Process of Change” at Create Your Better Life at