February, Relationships and Hypnosis for Valentine’s Day?

February is the month when we probably think of love and romance more than usual because of Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day can be a very wonderful day (and night) full of love,  romance, dinner, flowers, jewelry, candy and other tokens and gestures of love.  Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to it and  just after it can also  be a sad and lonely if you are not in a relationship or if you are not getting along with the one you are in a relationship with.

If you are single hearing  someone in a relationship discuss plans, gifts, what to wear on Valentine’s Day can make you sad and long for a relationship of your own.  Co-workers having flowers delivered to the office can make you feel slightly envious.  The day after Valentine’s Day can be torture too!  Friends and co-workers are showing off their gifts or talking about what they wore where they went and more.   Even though you hate to admit it, perhaps you feel a little envious or even a twinge of  jealousy.  You wonder why you don’t have a relationship.   Maybe you have even  experienced a break-up recently.   Perhaps you got divorced and this is your first Valentine’s Day alone in many years.  You feel lonely and insecure wondering if you are loveable and worthy enough to have a great relationship.  You wonder what is wrong with you.  Don’t I  look good enough?  You wonder if you are doing something wrong.  Do I come across as needy or even desperate?  You feel sad.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship you may be wondering what you can do to improve your relationship.  You may want to spend more time with your partner.  Do you wish that your relationship was a little more romantic?  Or perhaps you would like to argue less.  Maybe you nag (admit it)  more than you mean to?   Deep inside (ok maybe not very deep at all) you would like to change something about your partner.   Am I too “clingy” and pushing away my partner?  Or perhaps you want to move on and don’t know how to best go about it.

Does this sound like you?  You can change this.  You can change how you feel.  You can change how you come across to others.  You can change how you communicate to others verbally and with your body language.  You can attract people to you.  You can take your present relationship to a new level.  You can let go if you need to.  HOW?

SELF-HYPNOSIS.  Self-hypnosis can help you feel more secure and confident.  You can build your self-esteem.  When your self-esteem is stronger you come across confident, radiating self-assurance.  More attractive!  Let’s face it confidence is attractive.  Needy and desperate usually push people away or even worse they attract the wrong type of people.  Using self-hypnosis you can get over your fears, whether it is fear commitment, fear of abandonment or even fears stemming from past relationships.  You can neutralize unwanted feelings such as anger, jealousy, perfectionism, and blame.  Learn to be more accepting, tolerant, and understanding.  You realize that you can not change other people, only yourself and your reactions to people and situations.  You gain perspective with self-hypnosis. You can let go of shyness and enjoy socializing, meeting, and attracting people.  With self-hypnosis you learn to make better decisions and choices about relationships and who you want to commit to.  If you need to move on you can let go and “cut the cord” and move on and to a more fulfilling relationship.

If you have questions about how self-hypnosis can help you go to www.createchangehypnosis.com.


 adapted from Create Your Better Life


How Stress Affects Your Health

For a  long time we’ve know that stress can affect our health.  We did not know how or why stress affected our health.  Recent studies have given us a clearer understanding of this.

Studies, such as the one conducted by Carnegie Mellon University have show that chronic stress is one of the causes of inflammation.  Stress can interfere with the body’s anti-inflammatory response.  Our bodies release the hormone cortisol to fight inflammation.  When chronic stress occurs this is process is interrupted. Immune cells become less sensitive and do not respond as they should and inflammation occurs.  We know that inflammation causes or influences diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and several others.

Hypnosis can help reduce stress.  Stress is cumulative. Using hypnosis regularly can help keep stress levels lower. By keeping stress levels lower, you can reduce inflammation.  This can influence disease because when you have less stress, you have less inflammation.  You may have more control on your health than previously thought.  When you release stress it is easier to deal with new and/or recurring stressors in a calm manner. Did you know that hypnosis can also root-out emotional issues that may lead to stress?  Emotions can lead to stress.  It’s true, you can actually be your own biggest stressor.  Emotions and stress affects our immune system.  That is why they tell cancer patients to avoid stress and reduce it if possible.  Regardless of whether stress is caused internally or externally it can have an effect on the actions we take.  It can contribute to anger, worry, unhealthy habits such as smoking, over eating and drug and alcohol abuse.  Using hypnosis we can find the cause emotionally and desensitize it, which releases the stress.  You can change how you perceive events and you can change how you react to them.  This releases the amount of stress you have.  Many of my clients come in to work on stress release without underlying emotional issues. Using hypnosis regularly can help keep stress levels lower. By keeping stress levels lower, you can reduce inflammation.  This can influence disease because when you have less stress, you have less inflammation.  You may have more control on your health than previously thought.

For more information on how hypnosis or Reiki can benefit you call 609-247-5418.

It’s Time for Golf!

Is your game at where you would like it to be?

 What would happen if you could improve your game in just a few hypnosis sessions?

I know…you want to spend every possible moment that you can on the course.

Do you want to improve your game?  Are you aware that golf is at least as much mental as it is physical.  In fact some experts say it’s as much as 90% mental.  What would happen if you could improve your game in just a few hypnosis sessions?  Imagine how you feel when you win…picture it in your mind…hypnosis can improve your game…you can:

  • be focused and in “the zone”
  • feel confident and able to perform under pressure
  • set goals
  • eliminate “choke-ups”
  • improve swing
  • improve putting
  • eliminate external distractions
  • focus on one shot at a time
  • remove negative imprints
  • lower score

We offer a three session Hypnosis Audio/CD program… or a single session Audio/CD for Golf Improvement.  To order go to the Products Page.

Free Yourself of Clutter

According to the principals of Feng Shui chi or energy needs to flow or it becomes stagnant.  Physical clutter interrupts the flow of energy. When energy does not flow and becomes stagnant.  Think of it as an artery that is partially blocked, the flow of blood slows down and the heart has to work harder.  Emotionally we feel blocked, confused, scattered, stagnant, or even weighed down when there is a lot of clutter.  The flow is disrupted.  To free up the energy and let it flow, we need to get rid of physical clutter.

Another type of clutter is emotional clutter.  We have so many thoughts, things we have to do, unwanted emotions, worry, and stuff that we are holding on to.  We need to let go of this, and when we do we can think clearly, rationally, and release stress.  You can train your mind to focus on what you need to focus on.

Whether it is our home, office,  or even our desk, when we                                                   clear it we feel better.  We tend to be more productive.  We also feel less chaotic, calmer, and less stressed.

Sometimes it can be frustrating and we may not know where to start.  We don’t feel motivated, we feel overwhelmed.  This can be remedied.  Take baby steps.  Chunk.  Set aside a certain amount of time-think of it as a chunk of time to do a chunk of work.  Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate.  Take that first step.  You will find that you feel good each step of the way.  Eventually you will be done.  You will feel better, more organized, and ready to be more productive.

HypnoCoaching™ is a great way to make a plan, get on track, and start releasing clutter, to stop procrastinating, and to reach that goal.  A hypnosis session can also motivate you to get started and reach your goals.  Ask me how!  I also have CD’s and Mp3′s available to help you eliminate clutter, stop procrastination, release stress, and reach your goals.                                        The time to start is NOW!

Difference Between New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

Every year we tend to make New Year’s Resolutions about all the wonderful healthy things that we intend to do in the New Year.  Most of the time we give up within days or a week or two.  Yet we know, meet, or hear of people that actually keep their Resolutions and achieve their goals.  Note I said goals.  Resolutions are like a goals without a plan of how to accomplish them. A goal is the outcome you want to achieve by taking action following a plan.  If there is no plan, a goal is a wish, you may get it, but most likely you won’t.

So how do we set goals?

First you must ask yourself is it realistic or doable?  For example if the goal is to get in shape, it won’t happen in one day, you need to be realistic and perhaps change your diet and exercise over a period of time, such as a few months, depending on how out of shape you are.

You need to make the goal timely.  In other words you will accomplish it by a certain date.  For example, I will drop one size by (date).

You also need to make the goal specific.  For example, instead of I will get in shape, I will drop one size or weight_______.

Is it measurable?  Instead of I will get in shape, use something like I will drop one size by _____________ or I will release ____ pounds.

There needs to be a reward.  In other words, I will feel/look good.

You need to keep it simple.

So putting the goal together with a plan to achieve it would look lie this.:

I am getting in shape (goal) by running (specific) Monday through Friday between 7:00 am and 8:00 am.  I also eat 100 calories less per day.  By (date) I drop one size and weight (new amount) by (date) (timely, measurable, and doable/realistic), and I feel great and breathe easier (reward).

This plan works for so many things.  If you set goals like this instead of vague New Year’s Resolutions, you are much more likely to achieve your goals.

Happy New Year!

Hypnosis, Coaching & Expectations

When you are confident in yourself you expect things to go your way. Remember when you had been successful at something, perhaps you got a raise or a promotion, maybe you won a trophy or an award for something. You felt confident. Knowing that you had been successful in the past gives you the confidence to be successful now.  You just know that you can do it again, because you have done it before successfully. You may have had good grades when you were in grade school, so naturally you just knew that you could continue to get good grades. You expected to get good grades and so you did. You expect to be successful.  When you expect success you get success, whether it is a wonderful relationship, a satisfying career, to be financially abundant, or to win at a sport or achieve a good grade.

Just the opposite is true also. When you are often criticized you lose confidence in yourself and your abilities. After a while you expect to fail. You make mistakes. It is almost as if you set yourself up for failure because you expect to fail or you expect to not be good enough, look good enough or have enough. Even if you were successful in the past, somewhere along the way you may have lost confidence in yourself or your abilities. You get what you expect. When you expect things to go your way most often they do. When you expect the worst you worry. Worry is planning for the negative outcomes. Expecting the worst to occur. Most often you get what you expect. It is like the Law of Attraction. You draw to you what you expect.

So what would happen if you changed your mind? What would happen if you could imagine the most positive outcome? What if you could change what you expect? What if your expectations were positive? You would probably have better results. You would feel more confident and your self-esteem would increase. What if someone could help you to be confident, to achieve you goals, live your dreams?  That’s what HypnoCoaching™ is all about.  HypnoCoaching™ is the combination of Coaching, NLP, and Hypnosis, very powerful tools that can help you to feel confident, have clear and defined goals, and change your expectations. When you are using HypnoCoaching,™ you have the added benefit of using both your conscious and subconscious mind to change your expectations and create the changes you desire.

HypnoCoaching™ helps you become confident, stop procrastinating, and expect to make positive changes in your life.  You expect more and better.  When you expect results you are more likely to get them. When you expect the worst, often that is what you get. Positive results come from positive expectations. Like the old saying, when you “change your mind, change your life.”

Goal Setting

“Unless you have a definite, precise, clear set of goals, you are not going to realize the maximum potential that lies within you.” -Zig Ziglar

When you make positive change in your life it usually involves goal setting.  Regardless of what you want, having a clear goal helps it become a reality.  Otherwise you are just counting on chance.

To set goals you should ask yourself the following questions.  Are my goals realistic? Are they attainable?  When do you expect to complete them?  Are they stated simply and clearly? What is the reward?

My work, coaching, HypnoCoaching,™ and hypnosis, almost always involves setting goals.  I use a step by step procedure developed by Dr. Richard Harte.  I see to it that my clients to make sure they have goals that can be attained, that they have a clear vision of their goals, a plan of action so that they can reach their goals, know what the reward is, and have a timeline of when the goal will be reached.

If goals are not clearly defined and planned out, they are less likely to be achieved.  If you don’t have a clear defined goal, what you have is a simply a wish.  Yes, sometimes you might get your wish, but why count on chance when you can make your dreams come true.  Once you set your goals you can act on them to get the results you desire. I remember years ago in my first management class we learned the “six p’s of success,”  ”Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”  You must set goals, take action, and then you see results.


Halloween is right around the corner.  It is a fun time for both adults and children.  We wear costumes, go to parties, “haunted”  hayrides, tours, maizes, mansions, prisons, etc. to feel afraid.  Sort of like when someone goes to a scary movie.  It’s like we manufacture fear for a thrill. But for some people living with fear is very real, intense, and it interferes with their day to day life and even their work.  I don’t mean ghosts, paranoia, or other things,  I mean things like fear of heights, fear of failure, driving, flying, etc.

Fears are one of the most common reasons that people go to a hypnotist. The most common fears are fear of flying, fear of the dentist and fear of public speaking. Some of the other most common fears are height, dogs, elevators, driving, bridges, fear of failure (fear of success), fear of rejection (often in sales and love), fear of open spaces, fear of fear and many more.

Often people think they are alone, the only one who experiences this fear. They feel foolish. The intensity of fear varies for each individual. It can be as mild as an uneasy feeling in one person to outright panic in another. Fear can be so intense that it can literally immobilize a person. The fear often interferes with the persons life and even their work.
Sometimes when there are fears, there are several different ones. It’s like layers. Often a fear or several fears mask the real fear. For example a person is afraid of bridges, then the person releases the fear to find out that they are afraid of height. Then they get past that and find out that the underlying fear was fear of falling.

Hypnosis can enable a person to get past their fears and release them. Sometimes it may require several sessions as hypnosis is a process. Using hypnosis we find the root cause of the fear. Once we find out the cause of the fear or phobia, we can release the emotional attachment. Once there is no emotional attachment the fear is then minimized and eliminated. The person feels free and able to move forward.

Essential Oils of SJ Meeting Festival

Last night I had the pleasure of being one of several speakers at the Holiday Meeting for the Essential Oils of SJ Meeting Festival in Blackwood, NJ.  The theme was Stress During the Holidays.  Sometimes, with the clients permission of course, I use aromatherapy during my hypnosis and Reiki sessions. So I spoke about hypnosis and which oils I use during my hypnosis sessions.

The room was decorated for Christmas.  There was Christmas lights and a Christmas tree.  Poinsettias and Christmas table cloths on all the vendor tables, including mine.  The room smelled  absolutely wonderful.  Christmas Spirit oil was diffused.

There were many interesting people there.  I met a woman that had heard about me from a friend of hers that had been to a Past Life Exploration session that I had conducted several months ago.  Several people were there that I had met before at other events, including a man that specializes in whole foods and juicing.  I’m now inspired to start juicing again.  Networking can be so fun.

Become a NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Sample Certificate

Learn hypnosis.  Join the up and coming field of professional hypnosis.  Whether you want a career that is both  rewarding and lucrative, or you are looking for a way to help others, hypnosis is a great modality.  Hypnosis enables you and your clients to get rid of unwanted habits, feel confident, dispel fear, and more.  Become Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the world largest and well respected hypnotist’s organization.  This course consists of two parts, Basic Hypnosis and Advanced Hypnosis (you need both Basic and Advanced for Certification by the NGH, however you can choose Basic Hypnosis and get a certificate of completion for Basic Hypnosis if you choose not to take Advanced Hypnosis and be certified by the NGH).

It is a hands on course that consists of lecture, demonstration, fun and practice, practice, practice. There will be some self-study.  Manuals and other materials are included.  Upon completion of National Guild of Hypnotists certification a one year FREE membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists is also included (a $135 value) which includes subscriptions to Hypno-Gram and Journal of Hypnotism.

  • What sets this training apart from others is that in addition to The Guild’s Training, you will learn additional techniques including some NLP that can be implemented right away to enhance rapport, your accessing skills, and the success of the client. There are innovative techniques, scripts, CD’s, and many extras.

What You Learn in Basic Hypnosis

  • How to Hypnotize
  • Suggestibility Tests
  • Depth Testing
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Induction Techniques
  • Deepening Techniques
  • How to Create Suggestions
  • How to Build Rapport
  • Some NLP
  • Post-hypnotic Suggestions
  • Emerging the Client/Subject
  • Precautions
  • Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation
  • Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  • Hypnosis for Stress Management

What you learn during Advanced Clinical Hypnosis

  • Advanced Induction Techniques
  • More NLP
  • Anchoring
  • Parts
  • Age Regression
  • Language Patterns
  • Non-therapeutic Applications
  • We discuss a Timeline Method
  • We discuss some Past Life Exploration
  • Automatic Writing
  • How to Set Up Practice
  • How to Attract Clients/Marketing Tips
  • Ethical Considerations
  • and much more

***prerequisite for Advanced, must take Basic in class***