Learn to Relieve Stress with Hypnosis

For a  long time we’ve know that stress can affect our health.  We did not know how or why stress affected our health.  Recent studies have given us a clearer understanding of this. Studies, such as the one conducted by Carnegie Mellon University have show that chronic stress is one of the causes of inflammation.  Stress can interfere with the body’s anti-inflammatory response.  Our bodies release the hormone cortisol to fight inflammation.  When chronic stress occurs this is process is interrupted. Immune cells become less sensitive and do not respond as they should and inflammation occurs.  We know that inflammation causes or influences diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and several others.

Hypnosis can help reduce stress.  Did you know that Stress is cumulative. Using hypnosis regularly can help keep stress levels lower. By keeping stress levels lower, you can reduce inflammation.  This can influence disease because when you have less stress, you have less inflammation.  You may have more control on your health than previously thought.  When you release stress it is easier to deal with new and/or recurring stressors in a calm manner. Did you know that hypnosis can also root-out emotional issues that may lead to stress?  Emotions can lead to stress.  It’s true, you can actually be your own biggest stressor.  Emotions and stress affects our immune system.  That is why they tell cancer patients to avoid stress and reduce it if possible.  Regardless of whether stress is caused internally or externally it can have an effect on the actions we take.  It can contribute to anger, worry, unhealthy habits such as smoking, over eating and drug and alcohol abuse.  Using hypnosis you relax and release the stress.  You can change how you perceive events, giving them less importance, and you can change how you react to them.  This releases the amount of stress you have.

Using hypnosis regularly can help keep stress levels lower. That is the beauty of having hypnosis audios or CD’s, you can listen frequently, at your convenience in a place where you are comfortable.

By keeping stress levels lower, you can reduce inflammation.  This can influence disease because when you have less stress, you have less inflammation.  You may have more control on your health than previously thought.

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2017 Moving Forward and Getting Past Stuck

It’s a New Year and time to move forward. New Years Resolutions have been made. By now some of you may have already broken them.  There just seems to be something standing in the way of your success.  That something may well be yourself.

Many of the of the clients that have come to me wanted to move forward, and yet they just felt stuck. There is usually a reason in the persons subconscious mind that causes the lack of progress.  These reasons are often referred to as barriers or blocks.  Something deep inside them is standing in the way of what they want.  For some reason, often unknown to the client, something emotionally is standing in their way. This is true for many things from business, personal, athletic, or academic success, to breaking an unwanted habit such as smoking, weight loss, and many other things.  There just seems to be something that prevents them from moving forward.  They are stuck.

Hypnosis can help you “Break Through the Barriers” that have been standing in the way of your progress.  In just a few sessions of coaching and hypnosis you can discover and release the blocks interfering with you achieving your goal.  Once you release these blocks you are free, have clarity, and ready to move forward.  Together we map out a plan and motivated to take action for success.

Isn’t it time you moved forward?

Happy 2017, may you have a wonderful, healthy, and successful year.                                                                                                                                  Sharon



Why Become a Hypnotist?

Just the other day someone asked me who do I train to become hypnotists?  That made me think.  Over the years I have had many people ask me why would I want to be a hypnotist and what type of people do I train to become a hypnotist.  I find these questions interesting because it shows me the mystery and misconceptions that are still out there about what hypnosis is and does.

Why does one become a hypnotist?  Usually the three main reasons a person becomes a hypnotist is to help people, for self-enrichment, and because they enjoy performing as in hypnosis stage shows.  I believe in each case they are helping people.  From the therapeutic aspect, helping people stop smoking, lose weight, release stress, release fears and more is obvious help.  You may wonder how a hypnosis stage show helps people.  It makes them laugh.  It makes them happy, and that helps.  Laughing is therapeutic and good for the soul. Some people want to learn hypnosis to improve themselves.

What type of people want to become hypnotists?  Many people want to become a hypnotist.  My classes have consisted of a wide variety of students, there for different reasons.  Some examples of the variety of people that I trained were professionals including Real Estate Agents, Engineers, Accountants, Bakers, Coaches, Counselors, Dietitians, Teachers, Nurses, Cosmetologists.  There have been seekers on their path of spirituality, people who wanted to know how for self-enrichment and personal reasons, and even other hypnotists that want the additional training, credibility and the prestige of being trained and certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).  It is not the stereotype “weird” person that is a hypnotist, although it can be.  Professional people, everyday people, housewives, spiritual people, and more become hypnotists.

My training class is a hands on course that consists of lecture, demonstration, fun and practice, practice, practice. There will be some self-study.  Manuals and other materials are included.  Upon completion of National Guild of Hypnotists certification a one year FREE membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists is also included (a $135 value) which includes subscriptions to Hypno-Gram and Journal of Hypnotism.

  • What sets this training apart from others is that in addition to The Guild’s Training, you will learn additional techniques including some NLP that can be implemented right away to enhance rapport, your accessing skills, and the success of the client. There are innovative techniques, scripts, CD’s, and many extras.

What You Learn in Basic Hypnosis

  • How to Hypnotize
  • Suggestibility Tests
  • Depth Testing
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Induction Techniques
  • Deepening Techniques
  • How to Create Suggestions
  • How to Build Rapport
  • Some NLP
  • Post-hypnotic Suggestions
  • Emerging the Client/Subject
  • Precautions
  • Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation
  • Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  • Hypnosis for Stress Management

What you learn during Advanced Clinical Hypnosis

  • Advanced Induction Techniques
  • More NLP
  • Anchoring
  • Parts
  • Age Regression
  • Language Patterns
  • Non-therapeutic Applications
  • We discuss a Timeline Method
  • We discuss some Past Life Exploration
  • Automatic Writing
  • How to Set Up Practice
  • How to Attract Clients/Marketing Tips
  • Ethical Considerations
  • and much more

***prerequisite for Advanced, must take Basic in class***

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