2017 Moving Forward and Getting Past Stuck

It’s a New Year and time to move forward. New Years Resolutions have been made. By now some of you may have already broken them.  There just seems to be something standing in the way of your success.  That something may well be yourself.

Many of the of the clients that have come to me wanted to move forward, and yet they just felt stuck. There is usually a reason in the persons subconscious mind that causes the lack of progress.  These reasons are often referred to as barriers or blocks.  Something deep inside them is standing in the way of what they want.  For some reason, often unknown to the client, something emotionally is standing in their way. This is true for many things from business, personal, athletic, or academic success, to breaking an unwanted habit such as smoking, weight loss, and many other things.  There just seems to be something that prevents them from moving forward.  They are stuck.

Hypnosis can help you “Break Through the Barriers” that have been standing in the way of your progress.  In just a few sessions of coaching and hypnosis you can discover and release the blocks interfering with you achieving your goal.  Once you release these blocks you are free, have clarity, and ready to move forward.  Together we map out a plan and motivated to take action for success.

Isn’t it time you moved forward?

Happy 2017, may you have a wonderful, healthy, and successful year.                                                                                                                                  Sharon



Why Become a Hypnotist?

Just the other day someone asked me who do I train to become hypnotists?  That made me think.  Over the years I have had many people ask me why would I want to be a hypnotist and what type of people do I train to become a hypnotist.  I find these questions interesting because it shows me the mystery and misconceptions that are still out there about what hypnosis is and does.

Why does one become a hypnotist?  Usually the three main reasons a person becomes a hypnotist is to help people, for self-enrichment, and because they enjoy performing as in hypnosis stage shows.  I believe in each case they are helping people.  From the therapeutic aspect, helping people stop smoking, lose weight, release stress, release fears and more is obvious help.  You may wonder how a hypnosis stage show helps people.  It makes them laugh.  It makes them happy, and that helps.  Laughing is therapeutic and good for the soul. Some people want to learn hypnosis to improve themselves.

What type of people want to become hypnotists?  Many people want to become a hypnotist.  My classes have consisted of a wide variety of students, there for different reasons.  Some examples of the variety of people that I trained were professionals including Real Estate Agents, Engineers, Accountants, Bakers, Coaches, Counselors, Dietitians, Teachers, Nurses, Cosmetologists.  There have been seekers on their path of spirituality, people who wanted to know how for self-enrichment and personal reasons, and even other hypnotists that want the additional training, credibility and the prestige of being trained and certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).  It is not the stereotype “weird” person that is a hypnotist, although it can be.  Professional people, everyday people, housewives, spiritual people, and more become hypnotists.

My training class is a hands on course that consists of lecture, demonstration, fun and practice, practice, practice. There will be some self-study.  Manuals and other materials are included.  Upon completion of National Guild of Hypnotists certification a one year FREE membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists is also included (a $135 value) which includes subscriptions to Hypno-Gram and Journal of Hypnotism.

  • What sets this training apart from others is that in addition to The Guild’s Training, you will learn additional techniques including some NLP that can be implemented right away to enhance rapport, your accessing skills, and the success of the client. There are innovative techniques, scripts, CD’s, and many extras.

What You Learn in Basic Hypnosis

  • How to Hypnotize
  • Suggestibility Tests
  • Depth Testing
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Induction Techniques
  • Deepening Techniques
  • How to Create Suggestions
  • How to Build Rapport
  • Some NLP
  • Post-hypnotic Suggestions
  • Emerging the Client/Subject
  • Precautions
  • Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation
  • Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  • Hypnosis for Stress Management

What you learn during Advanced Clinical Hypnosis

  • Advanced Induction Techniques
  • More NLP
  • Anchoring
  • Parts
  • Age Regression
  • Language Patterns
  • Non-therapeutic Applications
  • We discuss a Timeline Method
  • We discuss some Past Life Exploration
  • Automatic Writing
  • How to Set Up Practice
  • How to Attract Clients/Marketing Tips
  • Ethical Considerations
  • and much more

***prerequisite for Advanced, must take Basic in class***

For more information and schedule go to classes page or call 609-247-5418.

Want to Stop Smoking Permanently?

To successfully stop smoking using hypnosis, you need to want to stop smoking.  You must also decide to act upon that desire. Once you have decided to take action and stop smoking, call me to sign up for the program.  I guarantee you will Stop Smoking successfully!* Hypnosis is powerful and can work for you.

dreamstime_xs_29397573Session Options:

1) Office session (s)

2) Phone sessions.

3) Skype sessions.

4) On your own with my Stop Smoking CD Program.

*This program is guaranteed for office, Skype, and phone sessions.  Certain conditions apply (see below) and must be met.  For CD guarantee see products page on web-site.

After helping people stop smoking for many years, I understand the nature of the smoking habit/addiction and issues you may face when you take this step.  After many years of helping people become ex-smokers/non-smokers, I have designed two hypnosis stop smoking programs that empowers you to quit smoking quite easily. Most clients stop smoking in one session.  The other program is a three session program for those that prefer to wean off cigarette smoking. Using hypnosis to help you stop smoking is as easy as stopping smoking can be.

My clients enjoy better than a 90% success rate!   Imagine yourself finally free from smoking cigarettes once and for all.  Imagine what it is like to discover how good you feel now that you do not feel like an outcast, worrying about when and where you can smoke. Imagine the transformation of feeling better, breathing easier, and looking and smelling better. Being a non-smoker makes you feel better and better in every way.

Isn’t the time to stop now?  

My hypnosis smoking cessation program is personalized for each client.  During the initial consultation or session I ask you questions to evaluate your habit and needs so that the session is structured to meet your needs.  Then together we determine some of the suggestions to be put into the hypnosis session.  I then structure your hypnosis program to meet your specific needs.  I also combine hypnosis with NLP, EFT, Imagery and other powerful hypnotic techniques to insure your success.

The majority of the smokers I have helped stopped smoking after a single two hour session.  This includes and audio for reinforcement.

For a very few smokers, a longer program to stop smoking is applied.  This includes an initial 90 minute hypnosis session.  An audio is given for reinforcement.  A week later we do a one-hour hypnosis session, and then the following week another one hour session. You enjoy the results of a more gradual transformation into being a non-smoker.  This program is usually used for smokers that want to wean off cigarettes over the three weeks.

As mentioned, I customize the hypnosis sessions to fit your situation and needs.  I also provide you with very powerful tools to reinforce what we do in the session(s.)



Frequently asked questions by smokers:

Is it hard to Stop Smoking?  Will there be side effects?

Most people find that they experience very little withdrawal AND SIDE effects.  I do give suggestions and tools to relieve anxiousness and/or side effects.  Each day you feel better and better.

Did you know that when you stop smoking your body begins to heal immediately?  It’s true.  You will begin to notice that you breathe easier.  Your initial blood pressure may decrease.  Over time your body heals more and more.

Will I gain weight?

This is a major concern for many smokers, in fact, it stands in the way of many smokers even trying to quit.  I put suggestions in my program so that you do not replace cigarettes with food.  I give each client specifically designed suggestions just for this scenerio.

Is it successful?

Stop smoking hypnosis has a better than 90%+ success rate

Your success begins with a sincere desire to stop smoking and your decision to take action. When you stop smoking with hypnosis you will find it was much easier than the ways you tried in the past. You will stop smoking permanently if you have a sincere desire to do so.

Why not call 609-2347-5418 for a free consultation to find out how today.  I can also be reached by e-mail  cchypnosis@comcast.net

It’s Time for Golf!

Is your game at where you would like it to be?

 What would happen if you could improve your game in just a few hypnosis sessions?

I know…you want to spend every possible moment that you can on the course.

Do you want to improve your game?  Are you aware that golf is at least as much mental as it is physical.  In fact some experts say it’s as much as 90% mental.  What would happen if you could improve your game in just a few hypnosis sessions?  Imagine how you feel when you win…picture it in your mind…hypnosis can improve your game…you can:

  • be focused and in “the zone”
  • feel confident and able to perform under pressure
  • set goals
  • eliminate “choke-ups”
  • improve swing
  • improve putting
  • eliminate external distractions
  • focus on one shot at a time
  • remove negative imprints
  • lower score

We offer a three session Hypnosis Audio/CD program… or a single session Audio/CD for Golf Improvement.  To order go to the Products Page.

Difference Between New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

Every year we tend to make New Year’s Resolutions about all the wonderful healthy things that we intend to do in the New Year.  Most of the time we give up within days or a week or two.  Yet we know, meet, or hear of people that actually keep their Resolutions and achieve their goals.  Note I said goals.  Resolutions are like a goals without a plan of how to accomplish them. A goal is the outcome you want to achieve by taking action following a plan.  If there is no plan, a goal is a wish, you may get it, but most likely you won’t.

So how do we set goals?

First you must ask yourself is it realistic or doable?  For example if the goal is to get in shape, it won’t happen in one day, you need to be realistic and perhaps change your diet and exercise over a period of time, such as a few months, depending on how out of shape you are.

You need to make the goal timely.  In other words you will accomplish it by a certain date.  For example, I will drop one size by (date).

You also need to make the goal specific.  For example, instead of I will get in shape, I will drop one size or weight_______.

Is it measurable?  Instead of I will get in shape, use something like I will drop one size by _____________ or I will release ____ pounds.

There needs to be a reward.  In other words, I will feel/look good.

You need to keep it simple.

So putting the goal together with a plan to achieve it would look lie this.:

I am getting in shape (goal) by running (specific) Monday through Friday between 7:00 am and 8:00 am.  I also eat 100 calories less per day.  By (date) I drop one size and weight (new amount) by (date) (timely, measurable, and doable/realistic), and I feel great and breathe easier (reward).

This plan works for so many things.  If you set goals like this instead of vague New Year’s Resolutions, you are much more likely to achieve your goals.

Happy New Year!

Hypnosis, Coaching & Expectations

When you are confident in yourself you expect things to go your way. Remember when you had been successful at something, perhaps you got a raise or a promotion, maybe you won a trophy or an award for something. You felt confident. Knowing that you had been successful in the past gives you the confidence to be successful now.  You just know that you can do it again, because you have done it before successfully. You may have had good grades when you were in grade school, so naturally you just knew that you could continue to get good grades. You expected to get good grades and so you did. You expect to be successful.  When you expect success you get success, whether it is a wonderful relationship, a satisfying career, to be financially abundant, or to win at a sport or achieve a good grade.

Just the opposite is true also. When you are often criticized you lose confidence in yourself and your abilities. After a while you expect to fail. You make mistakes. It is almost as if you set yourself up for failure because you expect to fail or you expect to not be good enough, look good enough or have enough. Even if you were successful in the past, somewhere along the way you may have lost confidence in yourself or your abilities. You get what you expect. When you expect things to go your way most often they do. When you expect the worst you worry. Worry is planning for the negative outcomes. Expecting the worst to occur. Most often you get what you expect. It is like the Law of Attraction. You draw to you what you expect.

So what would happen if you changed your mind? What would happen if you could imagine the most positive outcome? What if you could change what you expect? What if your expectations were positive? You would probably have better results. You would feel more confident and your self-esteem would increase. What if someone could help you to be confident, to achieve you goals, live your dreams?  That’s what HypnoCoaching™ is all about.  HypnoCoaching™ is the combination of Coaching, NLP, and Hypnosis, very powerful tools that can help you to feel confident, have clear and defined goals, and change your expectations. When you are using HypnoCoaching,™ you have the added benefit of using both your conscious and subconscious mind to change your expectations and create the changes you desire.

HypnoCoaching™ helps you become confident, stop procrastinating, and expect to make positive changes in your life.  You expect more and better.  When you expect results you are more likely to get them. When you expect the worst, often that is what you get. Positive results come from positive expectations. Like the old saying, when you “change your mind, change your life.”

Goal Setting

“Unless you have a definite, precise, clear set of goals, you are not going to realize the maximum potential that lies within you.” -Zig Ziglar

When you make positive change in your life it usually involves goal setting.  Regardless of what you want, having a clear goal helps it become a reality.  Otherwise you are just counting on chance.

To set goals you should ask yourself the following questions.  Are my goals realistic? Are they attainable?  When do you expect to complete them?  Are they stated simply and clearly? What is the reward?

My work, coaching, HypnoCoaching,™ and hypnosis, almost always involves setting goals.  I use a step by step procedure developed by Dr. Richard Harte.  I see to it that my clients to make sure they have goals that can be attained, that they have a clear vision of their goals, a plan of action so that they can reach their goals, know what the reward is, and have a timeline of when the goal will be reached.

If goals are not clearly defined and planned out, they are less likely to be achieved.  If you don’t have a clear defined goal, what you have is a simply a wish.  Yes, sometimes you might get your wish, but why count on chance when you can make your dreams come true.  Once you set your goals you can act on them to get the results you desire. I remember years ago in my first management class we learned the “six p’s of success,”  ”Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”  You must set goals, take action, and then you see results.