2017 Moving Forward and Getting Past Stuck

It’s a New Year and time to move forward. New Years Resolutions have been made. By now some of you may have already broken them.  There just seems to be something standing in the way of your success.  That something may well be yourself.

Many of the of the clients that have come to me wanted to move forward, and yet they just felt stuck. There is usually a reason in the persons subconscious mind that causes the lack of progress.  These reasons are often referred to as barriers or blocks.  Something deep inside them is standing in the way of what they want.  For some reason, often unknown to the client, something emotionally is standing in their way. This is true for many things from business, personal, athletic, or academic success, to breaking an unwanted habit such as smoking, weight loss, and many other things.  There just seems to be something that prevents them from moving forward.  They are stuck.

Hypnosis can help you “Break Through the Barriers” that have been standing in the way of your progress.  In just a few sessions of coaching and hypnosis you can discover and release the blocks interfering with you achieving your goal.  Once you release these blocks you are free, have clarity, and ready to move forward.  Together we map out a plan and motivated to take action for success.

Isn’t it time you moved forward?

Happy 2017, may you have a wonderful, healthy, and successful year.                                                                                                                                  Sharon



Want to Stop Smoking Permanently?

To successfully stop smoking using hypnosis, you need to want to stop smoking.  You must also decide to act upon that desire. Once you have decided to take action and stop smoking, call me to sign up for the program.  I guarantee you will Stop Smoking successfully!* Hypnosis is powerful and can work for you.

dreamstime_xs_29397573Session Options:

1) Office session (s)

2) Phone sessions.

3) Skype sessions.

4) On your own with my Stop Smoking CD Program.

*This program is guaranteed for office, Skype, and phone sessions.  Certain conditions apply (see below) and must be met.  For CD guarantee see products page on web-site.

After helping people stop smoking for many years, I understand the nature of the smoking habit/addiction and issues you may face when you take this step.  After many years of helping people become ex-smokers/non-smokers, I have designed two hypnosis stop smoking programs that empowers you to quit smoking quite easily. Most clients stop smoking in one session.  The other program is a three session program for those that prefer to wean off cigarette smoking. Using hypnosis to help you stop smoking is as easy as stopping smoking can be.

My clients enjoy better than a 90% success rate!   Imagine yourself finally free from smoking cigarettes once and for all.  Imagine what it is like to discover how good you feel now that you do not feel like an outcast, worrying about when and where you can smoke. Imagine the transformation of feeling better, breathing easier, and looking and smelling better. Being a non-smoker makes you feel better and better in every way.

Isn’t the time to stop now?  

My hypnosis smoking cessation program is personalized for each client.  During the initial consultation or session I ask you questions to evaluate your habit and needs so that the session is structured to meet your needs.  Then together we determine some of the suggestions to be put into the hypnosis session.  I then structure your hypnosis program to meet your specific needs.  I also combine hypnosis with NLP, EFT, Imagery and other powerful hypnotic techniques to insure your success.

The majority of the smokers I have helped stopped smoking after a single two hour session.  This includes and audio for reinforcement.

For a very few smokers, a longer program to stop smoking is applied.  This includes an initial 90 minute hypnosis session.  An audio is given for reinforcement.  A week later we do a one-hour hypnosis session, and then the following week another one hour session. You enjoy the results of a more gradual transformation into being a non-smoker.  This program is usually used for smokers that want to wean off cigarettes over the three weeks.

As mentioned, I customize the hypnosis sessions to fit your situation and needs.  I also provide you with very powerful tools to reinforce what we do in the session(s.)



Frequently asked questions by smokers:

Is it hard to Stop Smoking?  Will there be side effects?

Most people find that they experience very little withdrawal AND SIDE effects.  I do give suggestions and tools to relieve anxiousness and/or side effects.  Each day you feel better and better.

Did you know that when you stop smoking your body begins to heal immediately?  It’s true.  You will begin to notice that you breathe easier.  Your initial blood pressure may decrease.  Over time your body heals more and more.

Will I gain weight?

This is a major concern for many smokers, in fact, it stands in the way of many smokers even trying to quit.  I put suggestions in my program so that you do not replace cigarettes with food.  I give each client specifically designed suggestions just for this scenerio.

Is it successful?

Stop smoking hypnosis has a better than 90%+ success rate

Your success begins with a sincere desire to stop smoking and your decision to take action. When you stop smoking with hypnosis you will find it was much easier than the ways you tried in the past. You will stop smoking permanently if you have a sincere desire to do so.

Why not call 609-2347-5418 for a free consultation to find out how today.  I can also be reached by e-mail  cchypnosis@comcast.net

Hypnosis for Stress

 Health and Wellness-Hypnosis and Reiki for Stress

   Your health and well-being is our main priority at Create Change Hypnosis.  When you come to us for either hypnosis or Reiki and regardless of whether you come to have work done on a mental, emotional or physical level we almost always work on releasing  excess stress in addition to the issue. As a result, positive outcomes are more likely.  You make the changes you desire and you feel better.

     When you want to release an unwanted habit such as smoking, over-eating, or biting your fingernails, part of the program is releasing stress, increasing self-esteem and building your confidence.  If you have fears such as height, public speaking, flying, driving or others, hypnosis can be the answer.  When you are dealing with fear, you are also dealing with stress.  So releasing the fear and the stress associated with it is beneficial to your health and well-being.  Positive results!

We’ve probably all heard of the negative impact stress can have on our health.  Stress is cumulative.  Stress can be reduced with hypnosis. When you release stress it is easier to deal with new and/or recurring stressors in a calm manner. Did you know that hypnosis can also root-out emotional issues that may lead to stress?  Did you know that stress can actually manifest itself physically and lead to physical and emotional disorders?  Emotions can lead to stress.  It’s true, you can actually be your own biggest stressor.  Emotions and stress affects our immune system.  That is why they tell cancer patients to avoid stress and reduce it if possible.  Regardless of whether stress is caused internally or externally it can have an effect on the actions we take.  It can contribute to anger, worry, unhealthy habits such as smoking, over eating and drug and alcohol abuse.  Using hypnosis we can find the cause emotionally and desensitize it, which releases the stress.  You can change how you perceive events and you can change how you react to them.  This releases the amount of stress you have.  Many of my clients come in to work on stress release without underlying emotional issues.  Positive results!

There are many things you can do to reduce stress.  Some are quick fixes like deep breathing.  Others work longer such as exercise, yoga, meditation,and many other ways.

Another way the you can feel better emotionally, mentally and physically is Reiki.  It helps to balance our energy and release stress.  It is based on the theory that we have energy centers in our body called chakras.  When these energy centers are unbalanced it can lead to illness.  Stress can contribute to imbalance.  Reiki can be given by placing the hands on or slightly above these energy centers.  It can also be sent from a distance.  Once your energy is balanced, you release excess stress and you feel a general sense of well-being.  Positive results!

At Create Change Hypnosis releasing stress is our specialty.  We use hypnosis and/or Reiki to do this.  Using hypnosis we find the internal emotional reasons that you are holding onto stress and release it.  Regardless of why a client comes to see us for hypnosis we always put suggestions in the session to release stress, unless instructed not to (this almost never happens).  Using hypnosis we also change how you perceive outside stressors so that you can change your reaction to them.   Imagine what it would be like if you could look at a situation or person that is usually aggravating and think of it/them as an interesting or an amusing challenge.  Wouldn’t you find it more rewarding?  We use Reiki to release stress, for balance, harmony and to promote wellness.  When you feel less stress, you react to and handle people and situations better.  You get results!

For more information on how hypnosis or Reiki can benefit you call 609-247-5418.

Audubon Office-moved from Collingswood

I just wanted to be sure that everyone knows that I moved my office from Collingswood to 240 S. White Horse Pike, Audubon, NJ 08106, the last week of February.  The new office is just 2.5 miles from the old office.  There is also lighted free parking in the rear of the building.The reasons that I moved were that I wanted a bigger office to accommodate more students, I wanted free parking, and because my former landlord put the building up for sale.

2015 World Hypnotism Day Event

In honor of World Hypnotism Day, on January 3rd 2015 the So Jersey Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotist’s is holding an event to promote the benefits of hypnosis at the Atlantic County Library-the Galloway NJ branch.  There will be professional hypnotists from Atlantic, Cumberland, Glouscester and Camden counties that you can meet with and ask questions etc.  There will be presentations about using hypnosis for Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, and Stress Release.  There will be demonstrations and stage hypnosis show by Professional Stage Hypnotist Gregory Hample at 1:30 pm.  There will be a drawing to win a free hypnosis session.  The hours are 10:00 am – 3:30 pm Saturday Jan 3rd, 2015. This event is open to the public and FREE.  The address is Atlantic County Library-Galloway Branch, 306 E Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway, NJ 08205.  If you need more information please call 609-247-5418

Many people are unaware of the Benefits of Hypnosis.  They may even have many misconceptions about hypnosis.  In order to promote the profession of hypnosis and dispel the myths and mystery surrounding it, World Hypnotism Day, Jan 4 was created by Tom Nicoli. 


Forgiveness is a strong powerful emotion. It is a release of negativity and fear based emotions. When I speak of forgiveness I am not only talking about forgiving someone who has done something to hurt you in some way, but also of forgiving yourself. You feel better when you can forgive.

During the holidays we are often put in a situation where we are with family members or others that we usually avoid because of past hurts. Not only is this very uncomfortable for the people involved it is also awkward for those around them. Imagine what a gift it would be to yourself and everyone around you if you would forgive the person or persons. Imagine what a heavy burden that would be lifted from your shoulders and how good you would feel. When we are angry with someone and feel those intense emotions the one we are really hurting is ourselves.

Self forgiveness is also healing. We are usually our biggest critic. We hold on to things that we have done or said in the past. We let guilt, anger, and shame fester. Let it go. When you can forgive yourself you can release these fear based emotions that may have held you back. When you feel these emotions you are often stuck. When you forgive yourself you stop holding back and are empowered to move forward. You end up with more positive outcomes. You realize that holding those emotions inside was only poisoning yourself. To release those emotions is therapeutic. Forgiveness heals.

Forgiveness is a frequent part of my hypnosis work. Often people are reluctant or unwilling to forgive, they have been holding onto such intense hurt and anger. After I have coached them about forgiveness and how not forgiving hurts them much more than the person they thought they were unable to forgive, they are more likely to forgive. They feel a release of emotions and much better.

Forgiveness is not about the person that you are forgiving, it is about you. Try to truly forgive someone and you will feel better.


Quit Smoking Updated!

UPDATE:  The latest study has revealed that you can lose up to TEN YEARS of life regardless of your sex!  

Have you tried to quit smoking many times, unsuccessfully?  Tired of patches, gum and pills? Sick and tired of coughing and feeling out of breath?  Feel like an outcast?

The time to quit is NOW!  On Monday October 29, 2012, Alexandra Sifferlin at Time.com reported that a study showed that women who quit smoking could add as much as ten years to their lives.  Ten years!  Surely that is worth getting rid of an unwanted habit!

Did you know that hypnosis is an effective means of quitting?  Perhaps NOW is time for you to do what you may have tried many times before with little or no success.

“I just wanted to share with you that I am one of your success stories.  The last cigarette I smoked was on my way to see you in 2008.  I kept an unopened pack of cigarettes in a basket in my kitchen for over a year.  Never opened them, never craved one, finally threw them away.  Thank you for your assistance in changing my life.”  -Melody, director of development, Deerfield, NJ (received Jul 2012)

“I smoked at least one pack of cigarettes for almost forty years.  I tried to quit by patch, gum, group hypnosis, and individual hypnosis with no success.  Each time I tried to quit I gained weight.  Until I came to Create Change Hypnosis.  Thanks to Sharon I have been smoke free for two and a half years with no weight gain.”  -Lisa P, manager, Clayton, NJ

“I wanted to let you know I haven’t smoked in over eighteen months…Thank you”  -Claire, counselor, Vineland, NJ 


Call 609-247-5418 or email cchypnosis@comcast.net to schedule or for details.  cchypnosis@comcast.net