NGH Certified Hypnotist Training


NGH Certified Hypnotist Training                                                                                       One on one training also available, call for details.    

**for NGH certification must take Basic & Advanced Hypnosis.  For Basic only, you get a certificate of completion from Sharon Gage, CH, CI.

 ***For NGH Certification must take both Basic & Advanced.  For Basic training only you get a certificate of completion from Sharon Gage, CH, CI

Sharon Gage, CH, CI is a National Guild of Hypnotist’s Certified and Experienced Instuctor

              Training Dates  



2018 Winter Training Dates (TBA shortly)

*classes held in Vineland unless otherwise specified.  For details, description, and rates scroll down

Class Description

NGH Hypnosis Certification Learn hypnosis.  Hypnosis empowers you  to get rid of unwanted habits, feel confident, dispel fear, and more.  Become Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the world largest and well respected hypnotist’s organization.  This course consists of two modules, Basic Hypnosis and Advanced Hypnosis (you need both Basic and Advanced for Certification by the NGH, however you can choose Basic Hypnosis and get a certificate of completion from Sharon Gage for Basic Hypnosis if you choose). It is a hands on course that consists of lecture, demonstration, research, fun, and practice, practice, practice. There will be some self-study.  Manuals, books, DVD’s and CDs, scripts, and other materials are included.  Upon completion of National Guild of Hypnotists certification a one year FREE membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists is also included (a $135 value) which includes subscriptions to Hypno-Gram and Journal of Hypnotism.

    • What sets this training apart from others is that in addition to The Guild’s Core Curriculum, you will learn additional techniques including some NLP that can be implemented right away to enhance rapport, your accessing skills, and the success of the client. There are innovative techniques, scripts, CD’s, and this training is enhanced by the knowledge and experience of the instructor.  
    • What You Learn in Basic Hypnosis
    • Core Skill-sets
    • How to Hypnotize
    • Suggestibility Tests
    • Depth Testing & Trance Depth Phenomena
    • Self-hypnosis
    • Induction Techniques
    • Deepening Techniques
    • How to Create Suggestions
    • How to Build Rapport
    • Some NLP
    • Post-hypnotic Suggestions
    • Emerging the Client/Subject
    • Precautions/Contraindictions
    • Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation
    • Hypnosis for Weight Loss
    • Hypnosis for Stress Management
      What you learn during Advanced Clinical Hypnosis
    • Advanced Induction Techniques
    • More NLP
    • Anchoring
    • Parts
    • Age Regression
    • Language Patterns
    • Non-therapeutic Applications
    • Ego Strengthening
    • Guided Imaging Focus Technique
    • We discuss a Timeline Method
    • We discuss some Past Life Exploration
    • Automatic Writing
    • How to Set Up Your Practice
    • How to Attract Clients
    • Marketing Tips
    • Professional Ethical Considerations and more


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